What to Expect During Your Graduation Ceremony

In order to help you avoid any disappointments in life, the following are some instances you can expect on your graduation day:

1. Your Parents Will be More Excited Than You

Of course, you are excited to be free from the ties of obligatory dissertation meetings and constant assignments however, this excitement is tinged with the undeniable truth that you are a fully-pledged person expected to protect yourself as well as find something worthy to do. For the parents, the graduation day could not have come sooner because it not only means they have successfully raised an educated kid but you may soon stop begging for money from your parents as well.

The pride of your parents upon imagining those new letters next to your name will undoubtedly lead them to tears and squeezy hugs. Instead of batting them away and getting embarrassed, embrace every moment, act humble, laugh it off when you have to and hug them back really tight.

2. Everyone Including Their Parents Will Get a Little Snap-Happy

If it is not your parents pointing their new iPad at you unexpectedly while persuading you to send a photo or everyone or say cheese on the camera, it will be the experienced and skilled photographer frequently pointing out that you are holding the diploma scroll wrong and seemingly, it doesn’t even matter at all. Even though you have got jaw pains from smiling all the time while you wait for your parents to find the correct setting, just take deep breaths and always remind yourself that it is just one whole day of sacrifice. In the years to come, you will be very thankful to have a lot of pictures – even the bad and slightly lopsided ones – as proof of this historic event.

3. You Will Profusely Sweat

It took you weeks, or even months to find the right dress or suit for your graduation day. However, only a minute or two after donning the gown, you will have soaked your new dress or suit in sweat. Expect to smell, look and feel something like a used gym towel. Do not fret since unless some fortunate graduates have gotten their antiperspirant, everybody will be in similar situation. While consoling yourself that there is no such thing as sniff and scratch photography, keep yourself hydrated in order to prevent the possibility of passing out in the middle of the ceremony in front of everyone with sweaty underarms.

4. Prepare for Mortarboard Hair

The mortarboard is a nightmare to every well-groomed graduate. Once you as well as the gown company have handled to find the cap which fits, it will be welded in its position with the sharpest hairgrips, messing up the hairstyle that you already have. It is for this very season that the only time the pupils look joyful on their graduation event is when chucking the mortarboards up into the air. Actually, the mortarboard is named because of its resemblance with the flat tool used by cementers. Graduates during this time also wear their beautiful Kente graduation stole.

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