How to Get Rid of Recurring Carpet Odors and Stains

As a homeowner, you know that carpets can improve the appearance of your house. However, it can also ruin its appearance whenever it is dirty. Seeing a stinky and dirty carpet is extremely irritating. This is particularly true if you’ve just had it cleaned a week before.

Perhaps you have wasted a lot of money on carpet cleaning Chattanooga or you have purchased cleaning supplies to do the job on your own. Whenever you begin seeing stains on it after several days, what would feel? Of course, you will feel annoyed and irritated.

Because of that, you might ask yourself why these odors and stains always come back and what should you do to completely get rid of it. Fortunately, we are here to help. Here are several ways to get rid of recurring carpet odors and stains.

Foul Carpet Odors

Pets are one of the reasons for bad smells. Your pets can be the reason for foul-smelling carpets if you’ve got one in your house. The reason for this is that moisture enters underneath the fibers of the carpet whenever your pet urinates on a particular place again and again. It can result in a foul smell whenever it gets dried. Steam cleaning could get rid of hard stains easily. However, what about the smell that gets trapped underneath the fibers?

Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaning company has the best answer to your problem. They have a method that can fully get rid of the germs and smell from the carpet.

Carpet Wicking from Too Much Moisture

Stains could enter the carpet’s surface and get trapped underneath the fiber. Whenever you do the task of cleaning the carpet yourself or if you hire a low-quality carpet cleaning company, you might put too much water in the carpet. If this happens, it will be extremely hard to get rid of all the moisture after cleaning. If you hire a low-quality carpet cleaning company, they might utilize poor water extraction equipment that cannot completely remove the moisture.

That is why it is wise to select an excellent method of carpet cleaning in order to avoid carpet wicking. You have to make sure you hire a reliable carpet cleaning company that utilizes a carpet cleaning technique that does not use a lot of water and can get rid of the stain completely and easily.

Detergent Residue Attracts Grime to Carpet

One of the reasons why carpet stains return after several days is that soap residue has been left behind after cleaning the carpet. There are a lot of cleaning solutions out there that contain a lot of soap. However, if this soap isn’t removed completely, it will only attract more dirt after cleaning.

In order to avoid this, you have to hire a carpet cleaning company that uses a hot carbonating extraction method. This technique utilizes less water and can easily remove all the detergent on the carpet. If you are hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure they offer this service.

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